Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Snakey Damask

Wall hanging.

I wanted cheap stuff because I'm not a pro and half the time I end up in disastrous projects!

So I head out one day, get myself a pre-streched canvas board. It was wrapped in plastic. I decided to move on with the project by leaving the packing plastic on there so that just in case I end up in a mess atleast the canvas underneath would be brand new ;)

Printed a damask image from google on A4 sized paper and cut it into random sized stripes. (I used my kitchen knife!! did not have a cutter ! ) Arranged it on top of snake print papier mache paper. The gold card paper was the exact size as the canvas. I used glue to adhere it to the canvas. 

To add a finishing detail I used green ribbon to 'frame' the canvas as it was looking untidy. Just glued the ribbon on the edges.

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