Friday, August 31, 2012

Phone Charging Station

A few days ago I had a lovely lady visiting our home after a year and a half. The moment she entered our living room she noticed my new curtains and changes in the look since she was last here. I love people who notice these things and are articulate about their likes or dislikes. It instantly opens a comforting conversational flow for me...and while we were at it she praised my husband about taking care of all the wires we had snaking around on the floor before our son crawled into our lives... I smiled, I was glad she hadn't seen the sideboard behind the door ;)
Slightly embarassing but I have made amends. Ikea provides a solution for 9.99 euros. Not bad for a boring white box is it? A plain old shoe box was all it needed.

 I used fabric from my stash to compliment the prints on my previos projects. Its a rainy day so with bad light I couldn't take any better pictures.

I used a paper cutter to cut off a slit in the lid for the wires to come out. At the side, I cut a square big enough for the plug of my extension bar to pass. I also made a bigger slit on the longer backside of the box to keep it ventilated.

Finally some order in chaos!


  1. I hate chords so so much, but my husband just looks at me like I'm crazy :) Love this idea! It's functional, and it looks like a great accessory in the room too!

  2. You just gave me an epiphany! Thanks! Cords are the worst, good solution.


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