Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Post: No Easy Day

No Easy Day: The First Hand Account of the Mission that Killed Osama bin Laden

Autobiography of the Navy SEAL Mark Owen

I picked up this book for two reasons, one it describes an event that took place inside my country. Two, I was doubtful and curious. Putting aside all the 'negativity' I will only scribble down my thoughts as a reader. This blog is not the right place for a heavy weight analysis smeared with dark thoughts. Its a happy place so I will be careful. Here's what I retained as an after-taste:

  • This could be just any other book celebrating the American triumph in a mission.
  • As the author repeatedly mentioned, he has a poor sense of humor. He does, and thus for me he lacked story telling skills. I was bored. He should have chosen J.K Rowling instead of Kevin Maurer to do the HeWhoMustNotBeNamed thing.
  • Saying right at the beginning of the book that if you are looking for secrets this book is not for you..kind of turned me off.
  • Questions kept bothering why was Geronimo as they called him not tried in the court? Law is equal for all isn't it? Why is it ok to violate the sovereignty of a nation at midnight? the doctrine of necessity only a privilege for those who wear night vision goggles worth thousands of dollars? Whats the difference between a rouge mindless pilot who flies into buildings and a sophisticated, hand picked team, equipped with the most sooooper dooooper tech that exists to date...when both are trying to take the law in their own hands. 
  • The amount of human loss that has taken place during this entire period described in the book..of various missions undertaken after 9/11 makes me pray. I know idealism is never a winner in the art of war.
  • I wonder if in a decade or more from now..someone will write an antithesis to the book. I just wonder.
  • I lack trust in the current leadership of my country. This book helped in further increasing that mistrust.
  • Hey, this book said OBL dyed his beard black...something tells me they got the wrong man!
  • If Mr.Obama thinks he bagged a second term...sorry Mr.President the author tells us that you were only a mouth piece on prime time tv after the mission and not much help otherwise.
  • I should have rather completed my many unfinished DIY projects instead of curling up on the sofa and trying to get excited about a story I already knew about. Period.

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