Thursday, June 27, 2013

Healthy Banana and Oat Cookies

Today, while browsing for some healthy breakfasts I came across these too instant and healthy to be true 'cookies'. The best part is that they contain no flour, sugar or butter or eggs! Just a little olive oil which makes them all too good. I found the original recipe at Vintage Zest and I made some changes to it...the result is a quick Snack or breakfast to go.
I added two scoops of Panjeeri ( nut spice mix) to add richness. It contains the gum of Butea or Flame of the Forest flower known in hindi as 'kamarkas'.
I like coconut and the recipe called for coconut oil which I did not have but insted I used dessicated coconut..some good 2-3 tablespoons.
I had a box of fruit musli ( not a favorite choice of breakfast here) I added that too, to add a bit more crunch. 
To shape I just used a  tablespoon and scooped them on the baking sheet, rounding them off with the back of the spoon.

I was expecting them to be more crunchy the sort of bite you get off from a Corny health bar but they turned out to be more on the soft side. Its good to try out new recipes and bring them out of the hat at tea time instead of stealing cookies from little tod's jar ;)

 This recipe packs a punch and takes just under 20 minutes.
I skipped the 15 min rest time indicated in the recipe.

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