Monday, March 17, 2014

It Matters If Your'e Black And White

Excuse the twisted title of the post. To compensate there you go lets listen to Michael Jackson himself :D

I am totally hinged to this color duo. Totally.
I am wearing B&W, my new place mats are B&W, My last three projects were all in the same +/- space.
Its been around for a while but the fever just caught me.

I showed you the two chairs I picked up from our neighbor's 'zu verschenken' pile. They had a good solid skeleton.

I was pleased to see that Ikea's new limited collection of chairs in pastel colors have a similar structure.

I've never painted furniture except for the one sideboard which was done totally without proper supplies.

Here's the Before and After. 

The fabric was also Ikea, leftover from my book shelf.

Here's a snippet of what my mommy had to say:

  Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen

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  1. AWESOME chair makeover!! Pinning to the Trash 2 Treasure Highlights board. Thanks for linking up!


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