Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Oh Deer! I Tried Painting.

You know one of those moments when you secretly hope and wish to be a person of better tastes. You try stuff that's new to you and you pretend you're a natural at it. It could be acquiring a new sport, a new company of friends, a new genre of literature, a new accent maybe..yaaa knowww! :D

 Well here's what I did last weekend. I got my self a larger than life canvas..ehem..paint brushes..charcoal pencils..all set to draw the most intimidating antlers resting on the head of a deer staring boldly into your headlights.
My inspiration was this stunning project I found here.
It started off pretty well.

I went free hand with the sketch.

Until..it had eyes of its own.
I drew a cross between Paris Hilton's chihuahua and Bambi.

Not being satisfied..I went ahead and smothered the charcoal with acrylic paint. Not a good combination I learnt.
By this time my son had crossed his speed limits and was in his pre bedtime hyperactivity zone. So I left my piece of refined statement art as it is.
I was stressed about it not turning out as good as I had trusted myself.

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