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Disney's Frozen Party for BOYS!

*******EDIT: This post was written back in 2015 and never posted. Nevertheless, I am sharing this now in August 2016*******

I had almost taken a golden handshake from blogging. Its been a year. Coming back in slow pace, the first post is dedicated to the Frozen shivers that everyone seems to have gotten in the party planning world!

Well yes BOYs loved the movie as much as girls did.
It might not be 'pinterest-worthy' but my 4 year old LOVED it.
I didn't die planning and cooking.
I cleaned my hands on some great bargains for the supplies!

Lets get the photos to do the rest of blabbering!
Will share noteworthy  deets under each pic!

Rolls of wrapping sheets..after xmas sales: 3 for €1.99 πŸ‘Œ
Charecter Banner: Printed on photo paper and attached to blue paper string. ( home printer, no immediate cost )
Number Four cut out to resemble the disney font. Normal A4 paper.
Paper Fans:  I had this big roll of plain brown wrapping sheet purchased at Aldi last year. ( it would'nt be anything above €2 and I have used it alot before- no immediate cost )
I could have bought a fancy paper but I thought why not use whats at hand. It really went well despite being the odd color. Tutorials on how to make one of your own can be found online.

The snowflake in the middle are cheapo styro cut outs found at a discount store for €2 for all 3 πŸ‘

Tassel garlend is such a hit party decor idea or just a fun way to pretty-ofy any space for that matter!

What I normally see in tutorials is the tissue paper in metallics etc but since I live in 1921 of crafting supplies era aka Munich I could not find a descent place to buy that!
I had tons of crepe paper rolls sitting inside my drawers and I decided to use what was on hand. They were bought by my husband in bulk in every color on the wheel some 2 years many that I used them on my son's second birthday too but still have plenty left! 

I think the crepe paper gave them alot more fluff? body? I added silver in to add some sparkle. So the immediate cosy for the tassel banner was just €1 for the silver foil.
Please notice the OMBRE effect πŸ‘
Oh and once I made the banner and added the tassels on string ribbon they kept gathering in the middle and didnt balance. I fixed that up by putting some extra wide waschi tape ( also on hand ) to distance each tassel from the other. 

Loot Bags/ Goodie Bags
I got these gift bags in packs of 6 from Aldi again! A couple of months ago when I had still not made up my mind about the theme. I was lucky that the christmasy items all over the stores went so well with the Frozen theme. These bags were €1,99 per pack of 6 if I am not forgetting. But surely they were not over the budget. Aldi πŸ‘

For the goodies I had seen treat tubes on etsy and I searched for the thin tube bags online and again I failed to find them in Germany. Had my mind fixed on them so I decided to make my own. 
The first few were such a pain in the umm head that I wanted to quit the idea.
Perfect Backdrop!

Then I tried used a hot glue stick as a mould to roll the cellophene strips into a tube and taped them on the long sides- stapled the bottom. Ta da! I used cupcake topper printables to top these!
Annnnnnd whats that silver thing you ask? 😜 certainly not the €9 per sheet of metallic silver card paper sheet I saw at Muller. Its a €1 ROLL of draw liner available at the 1 Euro shop! πŸ‘ 

Filled with smarties!

I had different age groups invited so the bags had to be age appropriate.
For the bigger kids I made some book marks and door hangs (Love is an open Door!)

I was sooooo sad that my themed goodies were lost in the christmas rush of post that they arrived a week after the birthday:( so I had to make do with some puzzles, play doughs and other toys as fillers. plus more candy and sweets! This set me off a little from my budget but 'twasokayyyy!

Table Setting
I had some fancy shamancy plans lined up for the menu and setting..chocolate fondu for example but  i had to remind myself that it was a party for a four year old and the guests were little naughty monkeys too!
First, the disposable paper sheet! So important to be prepared for spills and accidents! I used three tables my dining table, garden table and an extra table with detachable legs that I had in storage.
Covered in white paper it gave a nice plain look and binded the look together.
 For the table runner again I got that in a roll for just €1 πŸ‘ christmas season!!

For the coasters hold on to your socks! This was a window trim from xmas decor felt. €1.50 for the trim. I cut the snowflakes off it and used them as coasters!

Napkins are plain ones from Lidl my local grocery store! See the thing is Party supplies with printed napkins, cups and plates etc can be a bit pricey and in this case EVERY item I came accross online had elsa or anna printed on them NOTHING for boys! 
I printed these images and just stringed them with paper ribbon! Plain cheapo cutlery from the Euro shop againπŸ‘ No matching birthday sets for the table..but still used nicely the alternatives worked so well for me.

I used portion divider plates for the kiddos to manage better. The sides have washi tape on them. Just to spruce them up a bit!

With the party goblets. I did spend a bit extra..€1 for four..I got four packs so €16 for those as compared to the plain cups which are much cheaper. Its ok to spend a bit in one department if thats what it takes to boost up the look!

Sven's Antlers ..these are such cute replacements for party hats! I made these by making a free hand template..took some time to cut those curves but so worth it. I used elasticated thread for the back.

I did not aim for a show stopper but. I was pleasantly pleased with what I made. Simple non fondant cake..I just wish I had played with more play dough as a child, maybe then I would have tried fondant!
The idea, recipe of cake, buttercream and ganach filling all are from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio. 
For the sea glass candy ALL recipes called for corn syrup..NOT available in germany! I used an alternate recipe with no thermometer and no cornsyrup! Will share that seperately.

I ordered the figures from Amazon last minute! My original set of figures ordered from China included Sven as well but it has still not I type this post. Not good.
 The snowflake border comes from a pack of sprinkes I got from the grocery store. It had snow wafers, colored sugar and sprinkles all in one pack! 

Other items include 
Sandwitches, pizza pops, nuggets, pringles, Sven cookies, mac n cheese and a hot choco bar!

 Mac n Cheese!

 A winter Birthday party..who doesn't like warm hugs!

The most time consuming but well worth the effort were there adorbs Sven Cookies. Haniela from youtube graciously accepted my special request on a tutorial for Sven cookies with royal icing using a cookie cutter from IKEA. You can check out the whole tutorial on youtube at Daniela's channel.
The kids really loved them!

I used the top part of my old bayerish kitchen buffet as a cute backdrop for the photos. Added some Scandinavian themed decor..there'S even a can of fish down there. I loved Oaken!

I almost forgot..Kristoff's Costume. I swear I looked everywhere online for a boys frozen themed costume. Nope. Only Elsa and only Anna.

I bought a cheap XL gray shirt and some faux fur to make this NO SEW BIRTHDAY COSTUME!
Yes I used glue Gun to add the red and blue trimmings and fur to a shirt.
For the belt I cut an old scarf of mine and used its tassels as a belt feature too. Its held together by safety pins. The cost..barely 10 euros!

“Ah, Arendelle, our most mysterious trade partner. Open those gates so I may unlock your secrets and exploit your riches! Did I say that out loud?”―The Duke of Weselton

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