Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Complementing clutch

I had this black case laying in my cupboard for ages..it was one of those complimentary things that you get with your purchase. It was too thin and lifeless to be carried as a clutch. I saw a simple tutorial somewhere on the web (Sorry I would have given credit, but I did not know this was going on a blog so I forgot where I saw this tutorial)

So one fine day I decided 'enough with the big black baby bag' I want to carrry something to match my dress. I digged into the cupboard and found nothing that matched.

Plugged the glue-gun and started adding these petals on the black case..One hour later I was carrying it at a friends' dinner party!

                                                                    Christian Louboutin’s petal Clutch it costs about $1,495


  1. Gorgeous and brilliant idea! Pinning this in my Pinterest board!

  2. Aww thanks alot for appreciating!


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