Thursday, October 25, 2012

Eid -ul- Azha: Kids Eidi Favors

Eid and HajjMu-baaaaaaa-rak to everyone celeberating.
The most facinating part of this eid is buying animals before the Eid day. Children love to take their sheep and goats out for a walk. They decorate their animals with the most fancy paraphernalia out there  and take pride in it!
Who wants be my Valentine?

The next best thing about Eid is Eidi money! The ONLY day in the whole year where children get their own money from all the elders in the family. They are allowed to buy their own ice cream and parents are a bit lineant about kids spending money themselves on sweet treats.

Keeping those two favorite eid memories in mind I decided to make eid favors for one of our family friends.

I bought chocolotate money instead of real money and made individual packets for each child.
Then I cut out some fluffy little sheep to add to the eid theme.

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  1. nice idea. congratulations on your blog. hope to see more entries.



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