Thursday, October 18, 2012

Now I know my ABCs

I like Fall. The trees lining my road look beautiful during the day. Its getting colder every passing day and I have to push myself to leave the house for any outdoor chores. Our playground has already started to look deserted..I wonder where have all the kids gone! On a rainy day, its hard to contain my son's energy levels. I have to engage him in some sort of activity.
Warm and toasty feet
 He has started recognizing the alphabets and the tune of the abc song. So we did a small activity.
I had some felt alphabets, a baby towel and some glue.
 I asked him to sort out the letters. For him J is Juice and C is Cat. So we went on finding the right ones.

Uh hooo who did that? Sitting still for a while is tough for little boys. So some of them went on the floor too:)
But we picked them up!
...and put them back in the box.
A treat for all the hard work of sorting, scattering and tidying up!

We had a good time doing it and then when granny called he showed her what he made sending her into a full swing proud and happy granny mode! :)

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