Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Favour Boxes

Talking about pretty packages..I made these favour boxes on last Eid to carry my sweet treats.
They were easy to do. Lots of folding involved but worth a try! I found it on etsy..No pictures for a tutorial but I can recall the steps here:
  1. You need a perfect square piece of paper.
  2. Fold it in half diagonally. You have a crease in the middle.
  3. Lay the paper flat open and fold one corner of the square towards the inside-middle point of the square. Repeat on all corners. Now Unfold all of them.
  4. Take one corner and fold it all the way inside the square..with the point of the corner touching the crease you made on the opposite corner. (Confusing I know..but break it down and you'll get it)
  5. Repeat on all sides and unfold. Basically you are making a creased pattern by doing so.
  6. Next fold in the corner closest to you with the point touching the first crease (closest to you when the square piece is placed on the table with its corner facing you)Repeat on an all 4 corners. Unfold!
  7. Notice on your pattern that there are 4 squares in the middle of the paper. These are the base of the box. Mark it with a pencil
  8. Place your paper with one corner pointing towards you.
  9. Make two cuts..on the creases leading to the base you marked. You will have a flap. Repeat on the opposite corner too. 
  10. Now you have 2 flaps and 2 triangular shapes on the paper.
  11. Take one triangle and fold it inwards on itself down towards the centre base of the box. Fold the edges of the triangle inside too.. This will give you the 'side' of the box. Repeat with the other triangle. These folds will just fall into place because of all the creasing you already did.
  12. Take the flaps and punch holes on top side for ribbon to tie.

That makes a long list of steps there! Hope you don't have a boggled mind after reading these..Didn't know it would be this long but give it a try!

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