Monday, February 27, 2012

Postnatal Nut n Spice Mix

I love things in pretty packages..who doesn't? I prettied up this pixie Mason's Jar with lace print paper and instructions to use tied with a ribbon to go in a gift basket for a friend who recently gave birth.

Based on an age old recipe from the Sub-Continent, this is simple blend of individually dry roasted aromatic cardamoms,extremely beneficial fennel and whole almonds fed by the snow melted waters of the Himalayas! Ground into a luxuriously satiny smooth powder this nutty mix has been a heirloom in our family...My mother reintroduced it to me after I had my baby and needed to restore all my strength. I thought I should share the goodness with you!

Benefits and Properties 
  •  Just a couple of tablespoons of this at night will ensure a calm sleep when taken with a warm cup of milk.
  • It aids in good digestion.
  • Its an excellent tonic for a new mother during post-natal period
  • Replenishes lost minerals and gives the hair and skin a positive glow.
  • Enriches the mother's milk and benefits the baby by relieving colic complaints.
  •  Can be taken dry with a cup of tea/coffee.
  • Mixed into porridge/Ovaltein etc.
  • or eaten straight off the spoon for a quick snack.

Add some brown sugar to the mix if you like.

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