Thursday, March 1, 2012

Storage Bin

How many times have you caught yourself complaining about diaper changing time..especially on the days when the poop machine gives you a bonus every half an hour? However, today I happen to be loving the jumbo pamper carton. You ask why..have a look.
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I got this inspiration from pinterest. I used a deco foil (wall decal) to transform the carton into a storage bin. My husband has a sticky habit, when it comes to tidying up..when he can't think of any other place for a thing he puts it on top of the cupboard in our entryway. Not a pretty sight to be welcomed with :\
 Now we have a nice storage place for all tidly bidly-could-be-used-someday things.
I'm planning on making some for my bedroom too..but this time I'm going to use Fabric for a more sophisticated look. Waiting for the next Jumbo pack to arrive!


  1. Fun idea! I just threw out a few of those boxes. I also want to take photos of the kiddo IN the box just to be funny :)

  2. Thanks for having a look. That box is my one year old's favourite 'car' to sit in.


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