Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wedge Pouf

*Drum roll* My new sewing machine arrived yesterday. Just a basic Singer nothing as cool as my Mother's Bernina (infact her mother's).. Oh wait did I just use the word 'cool' for a sewing machine? I must be hallucinating! I used to hate it when my mother spent days and nights making bed spreads and dresses and repairing even the seat covers of our car! Why don't we just give it to the tailor? I'd ask. Well Well..Now I  just wish I had learnt something back then! On to business now:

Galeria Kaufhof sells this under the brand name of Desigual. I was there last week and picked it up. The label said 49.00 Euro. Would I pay that much for a pillow? Notgonna happen!
 Thats my version! It cost me nearly nothing! I had the fabric scraps from previous projects. All I needed was a sewing machine..It arrived at 1 pm and I was half way through making this cushion at 3pm. I even surprised myself!

I will do a mini tutorial some other day. Check back if you too want to save 49 Euros on a Desigual pillow!

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