Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Back to The Future

After a Long-Blogless-Vacation I'm back on track. When I was in school we used to have 3 months long summer break..and after that when it was time to go back I remember not being comfortable while holding the pencil if I had forgotten how to write! Happened to me..and I'm getting the same awkwardness now after getting in touch with my blog again after so long. Some highlights:

                                                                           Isloo the Beautiful!
 Handicrafts- Colours of Pakistan!

Our Dog, back home.
 'Oreo-Ice cream Bath' shall we call it..--something my cousin made for me.

Butter Chicken Karahi..Ohh yum! I'm going to get the recipe (and the faux copper pot :p) from my aunt and share it here soon :)

Dangerously scrumptious treat that I made for my family...I mean who does calorie counts on vacations!

                                                 Local Ice-cream cart. Look at all that truck art!

Stop. End. I must not upload my entire photo albums :D

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