Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cactus n Needles

Making a pin-cushion gives you instant results in the shape of a cute little project in no time. Just what I needed to get started.
 Materials? I got mine while tidying up. So look around! For the pot I used this promotion gift from H&M I guess. For the top part I used an old scruffy green sheet..We're making a cactus after all!
For a four stalked cactus..cut 4 pieces of U shaped fabric. and stitch 2 pieces together on 3 sides. This will give you 2 pockets.

Put one on top of the other and stitch a line through the middle. Now you have 4 layers of fabric stitched together resulting in 4 small pockets. Turn it right side out and stuff the pockets with polyester or cotton. You're done!

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