Thursday, May 17, 2012

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day! Our Catholic State is also celebrating Ascension Day here in Germany..but for us non-Christians its Father's Day AND a public holiday! My one and a half year old son is not aware of the day but so what, his dad knows its Father's we made a nice card for him. I got the inspiration from Lisa's blog.

So we set off to make a quick card just a short while before it was time for daddy to come back home from office. I thought we'll give him a surprise in the morning.

AAaa well my boy finds it hard to sit in one thats what he was doing in the bath tub when I wanted to take the foot prints.
Something to keep him still.

I took the prints on card paper and then cut them into butterfly wings.
It was a quick one because we were short on time and had to do it before my husband came back home.

I made my son do some art work of his own on the inside of the card :p

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