Thursday, May 17, 2012

Chevron Lamp

I have been wanting to jump on the chevron bandwagon for so long! Its everywhere in clothes, jewellery, rugs, crockery you name it! My mother bought me a shirt with the pattern and every time I saw it my mind went to the plain and sad lamp shade which was screaming for help. Here are some other inspirations:

                               Some place is selling this lamp at a crazy price of 116 Euros !

                                                     So..Keep Calm and Chevron!
 All supplies were on hand. I first cut out a V shaped template. and then started to trace it into a pattern. I found it a bit hard to figure out how to work the pattern at the point where it was to meet the starting point on the round shade.

It was much easier to paint by placing a Lazy Susan revolving plate underneath.After painting and removing the tape I had this:

                                                                   Just what I wanted.

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  1. Ooh that turned out really nice! Here from Kammy's Korner, and now following you :)


  2. Love the chevron! You did a fantastic job! Found you through Kammy's Korner. I'm now following and look forward to seeing more of your creative projects. :-)

  3. Thank you so much..lovely comments make me want to do more stuff! Following you both. Cheers.


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