Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Favorite Shirt recycle

My boy is in love with the Sesame Street Monsters. I got him a shirt with a Cookie Monster on it. Every time he wore it he mimicked cookie monster's voice...and made quite an act out of it. I had mistakenly washed the white shirt with coloured ones and ruined it. So today I thought instead of throwing it away lets make use of it in some other way!

I cut out the monster's face.
We had this bag which the airline gave him as a gift.
Fabric glue + Cookie Monster Face = New Favourite Bag.

                                                Done and now.. Me want Coooookieeee!!!


  1. Perfect redo....so cute! Me want cookie, too. :-)

  2. no way! That's awesome!!! My kids love cookie monster. :)

  3. The way Cookie Monster comes alive against the yellow and matches the blue on the bottom of that bag makes me think he's found his home! Beautiful idea and result!

  4. Great way to recycle a child's favorite shirt!


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