Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sari Renovating Project

I was staying at my Mother's place for the annual visit to Pakistan. I had the pleasure of digging through my old stuff like jewellery, books, DVDs, college projects, odd things like Che Guevara's life size banner (From my days at University..I actually owned it!).. and so many other trinkets. I found this box I had made for a recycling project I had to do in college.
My aunt/nursery teacher/mom's friend helped me with it..because she owned the glue gun which was unheard of in Pakistan at that time!.We constructed the box from thick card board sheets.

I used my grandmother's Sari, to decorate the box. I know I shouldn't have mercilessly scisssored a beautiful sari but I had to meet a deadline and had nothing else at hand. Made a set of two boxes.

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  1. Kin this is a beautiful box! You did a great job on the details, fabulous! I'm now following and would love if you could follow me back. Tx


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