Friday, May 11, 2012

iPad Case

Who doesn't like an iPad for a gift ?

Certainly not this one!

We love it right? I decided to personalize mine by making a nice case for it. I'm usually the no-sew kind but I gave it a try. I'm not too happy with the result but it was good to try.

 I made an envelope case using faux leather for the outside and pink cotton ( from an Old shirt )for the inner lining. As It didn't work out so well..the tutorial is here just for a rough idea. I messed up the corners while sewing.
Measure your iPad or laptop and cut. I measured about 8 inches for the pointed flap.
Pin both pieces right sides together. Stitch, leaving space to turn it inside out. (I forgot and had to rip the seam..which made the leather go untidy)
This is where I went terribly wrong. I tried doing a top stitch..and because I'm only a beginner at stitching I sew crooked lines :( Shouldn't have done that. Also, on one corner I think I was not careful with the side seam allowance and that corner ended up being slightly wonky!! Practice makes perfect...I'm learning!!

To hide that ugly stitched corner on the flap..I tried different things..strip of fabric..No..Button..No..Pom Pom..No...I went to my junk box and found a long forgotten curtain tie-up thingy. Hmmm.. This worked for me.I glued it on top of the flap. At the end I added self adhesive Velcro to close my new iPad case!

I made it larger than the iPad measures itself..because I already have the smart cover..I wanted this case to carry the iPad with the cover.

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  1. Pretty! I just got an ipad for my birthday and this is a nice way to keep it protected in my purse.


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