Monday, July 9, 2012

Ramadan: Cover & Wrap for Quran

Although this is not a Ramdan specific DIY, but still I thought a post about it would make a nice entry before the arrival of the Holy month. Customarily, there is a trend in Muslim communities to present the bride with a Quran at the time of her departure from her parent's home. I was given one too and my mother who likes to pay attention to the detail..made a personalized cover for the Quran for me.
She used a rich emerald green velvet to cover the Book.

For the case..she made a wrap using the same velvet and some silk hemmed inside. A satiny silver lace was used to add detail and memory..Memory of the dress she made for my last Eid at home. It was the same lace that she used on my dress..which she stitched herself too! Oh and she made a luxurious green velvet stole for me too..all hemmed by hand as a gift :) Thank you mama!!!

She also made one extra envelope case with ric-rac trim :)

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