Thursday, August 23, 2012

Eid Favours

Belated Eid Mubarak to everyone who celeberated Eid to mark the end of Ramadan. Hope yours was as much fun as mine! Its been four days now,but I have still not been able to come out of the spin. It was all about family, friends, pretty clothes, henna, bangles,food AND presents!

I have a small tradition of my own. I like sharing some sweetness with my friends in close neighbourhood as our better halves go to the Mosque together for Eid prayers. I wanted to keep it basic, desi and yummy. The idea behind it came from this traditional dessert served in small clay pots on festivals and weddings in the sub-continent. This is how a pair of Thotti pots look like.

Since I didnt have those clay pots, I used these:
Now, here's how it all linked up..I had seen Nigella serve her  White Chocolate Mint Mousse in shot glasses a long time back.

..a little less long time back (if thats a valid unit to measure long-time-backs) I was at a local shop where I found seven of those papered-votive candle glasses..guess for how much..?? Just 10 cents each!!! I had decided there and than what my eid favours are going to be:)

I filled them up with carrot pudding or 'gajrella'.. a traditional dessert.
Some transparent packs and ribbon..mind you at 1 am in the morning..with house guests and an alarm set for early morning.


See how my german neighbour returned the favour! She's the most active OLD lady I have ever seen. From cleaning to gardening to picking fresh flowers from the fields..this lady does it all wearing a starched button down shirt and a perfectly ironed skirt. Although I did tell her that I did not need the glasses back..but perhaps with my poor deutsch I didn't explain it well :)
She send two heavenly Lindt Chocolates with a small thank you note. Ahhh it fells so good to have somebody do that!

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