Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fabric Covered Hangers

Brace yourselves ladies! There is some real eye-candy comming up your way.

I found these on etsy and wanted to make them so bad before the sun set that I had to take them with me to the playground to finish the final hand stiching. I get excited like that. They were fun and satisfying.
I simply took a couple of wooden hangers and some fabric (repurposed)
Here's the step by step process.
  1. Trace one arm of the hanger on a folded piece of fabric, leaving about half an inch seam allowance and some wiggle room. (right sides together)
  2. Cut. Use this as a template to cut another one out in the same way.
  3. Wrap the wooden hanger with any thick scrap fabric, felt, an old scarf..cut into stips of 1 and a half inch wide. This will give it the padding it needs.
  4. Now the stitching: Just do a  basic stich along the fabric pieces you cut for the arms.
  5. Invert the two 'tubes' you will now have and glide them onto the arms of your hanger.
  6. Do a quick handstich to join the two pieces at the middle...doesn't have to be neat..the ribbon will hide it.
  7. Tie a bow and present yourself with a new set of hangers that will make any of your old clothes look new! Money back guarantee!
These would make such nice presents for a bride, or a new mom maybe.

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