Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mail Organizer

My husband takes care of all the Mail we get. His 'taking care' skills are limited to making horrible piles on a beautiful secretary table that we have. I threatened him with a paper shredder if nothing was done about it! To make me feel better he said 'Why don't you make a nice DIY project for organizing the mail?' ..you like doing that stuff don't you...I took it up as a challenge!

I decided upon making a pocketed organizer using cardboard. I bought adhesive spray as one tutorial suggested..and started gathering other supplies..BUT on one of my many 'just to have a look' trips to the shops..I found this jute hanging organizer on 80% off !! Just what I wanted!
I grabbed it and to personalize it a bit I got these editable labels (forgot to save the source) and added Labels on the pockets. Cheap and instant solution!

Sometimes its not worth all the trouble to make a project from scratch, especially when you find a good deal on what you need.

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  1. Oh my gosh, this post sounds all TOO familiar! My sweet husband lets the mail pile up for ages too, and when he does open one random envelope he always leaves it in the weirdest places! Great find :)


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