Sunday, May 24, 2015

Bob the Builder Memory Game

Can we make it? yes we can!

Bob the builder has recently build a special place in my two year old's heart. This child talks about bob in sleep, and only wants to wear the socks with Bo'bilder as he calls it on them. We are currently going through a meal-time- boot-camp phase. I hope its just a passing phase, and his new plate with Bob the builder on it has already started to help.

When kids start accossociating so much with one charecter they just want to possess every thing out there with it on them. I was at the toy shop yesterday, and he saw a box of Bob the Builder memory game. I was seriously regretting my visit, he WANTED it there and then. i did gave up to the sobs and went ahead to pick it up. We have not yet introduced any memory or board games so it was a first for me and I was shocked to look at the 18 Euro price tag on a small box of cards! No way baby, you can buy a new car but not this. We made a deal and took the elevator out of the store.

I knew I would be able to find something online so I searched and found this lovely blog with the printable cards on it. I printed two sets on photo paper ( lamination would have been better)

So now we have a new favorite game, I started at beginner level and spread out one set on the floor (face up) and give the other set to my son to find and match similar cards.

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  1. Hi Kin! Sorry to be so late in responding to your comment about my spiral cake. You need to do the carving first, and decorating afterwards - including fondant! It was a hassle getting the fondant on there since the spiral cake is such an uneven shape, it was just a lot of trial and error. In fact, I don't think I had fondant covering the sides - vertical surfaces; just on the roads & top. If you have any more questions let me know; and good luck! Merry Christmas :)


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