Thursday, November 8, 2012

DIY Place mat Clutch Bag

Bond: Everybody needs a hobby.
Silva: So, what's yours? 
Bond: Resurrection. 
Me: Mine too! It's just that I give new life to old place mats.

This eid I wore a grey outfit. I browsed through my pre baby- bag purses and could not find something to match..and there you go I instantly had an excuse to do the diy project I had been planing to do some day. In the same closet I came across a silver gray top my mother had sent me some two years was pretty but not so practical for me so it had stayed in the closet untouched..I guess it was awaiting its new red carpet life .

Note: if you are reading it in a whisper because I was working late at night with poor light and a phone camera.

I had an old bamboo place mat..the ones you get at the euro shop. I covered it in the fabric from my shirt top and folded it in the shape I wanted. For the bottom gusset of the purse I just covered a piece of cardboard in fabric and secured it on the place mat with glue.

Now I had the shape of the clutch with the two sides open. I cut strips of the same fabric to close the sides by hemming it to the existing fabric.

I finished it with a large brooch I already had.

 I just needed it for a mere few hours, and it held up well. I used a magnetic button for the closure but it was not enough to hold the flap down..which was not much of a bothering issue because I did'nt open and close it alot. That can be fixed for later use. 
This picture of the purse was taken a few days after use..and my son had been fiddling with it..hence the creases on the sides:)
No cost clutch bag made to match!
Call it Resurrection of a Place Mat!

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  1. The final royal touch that you gave to this clutch is unbelievable.


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