Monday, November 5, 2012

Gardasee, Italy

We are back from a short camping holiday in Northern Italy. It was the last week before the camping villages close down for winters. We took the oppurtunity to celeberate our Wedding Anniversary on 'Urlaub' as the germans say it. It was truly a relaxing trip. No rush to check in half a dozen places in one day, as it would have been if we had planned to spend the day in a busy tourist city center.
Lake Garda, the largest lake in Italy, is located between Venice and Milan. Lago di Garda is considered "one of the biggest activity playgrounds in Europe." source
A lake is the landscape's most beautiful and expressive feature. It is earth's eye; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature. ~Henry David Thoreau
Witht he Dolomite Mountains in the backdrop, narrow cobblestone streets lined with cottages and palm trees northern Italy is more about nature, charecter and simplicity as oposed to the human made marvells of Rome and Milan.
A chalet in the midst of the vast valley. I spotted quite a few of them on the way to Riva al Lago.
Our luxus cabin at the camping site.
We woke up in paradise! The clouds were literally at the door.
The food and service at the camping restaurant was great.
Freshly baked bread flavoured with seaseme oil. I had never tried it before. Will def try using the flavouring next time in Naans instead of the seaseme seeds.

The Italian Oven!
Pizza Tono, Pizza Marghareita, Pizza Aurora, Polenta con funghi e fomaggio fusso ( I swear I didnt write that off my memory..I took a picture of the menu hehehe) and a bugs bunny getalo for the little one!
After all that cheese, Cola light please! I kept telling my self..when in italy, eat like the italians eat.
(Hey Italy is known for style, even the can of coke is prettier there! )
The best part of the trip was that my son had the freedom to run around and play as much as he liked. Way better than locking him up in a small hotel room.
The Scaliger Castle (13th century).We drove by the lake to reach the South end town of Sirmione. I picked up the picture on google because the sun had set and my camera results were not so good.
Lake Garda
It was the most hastily planned holiday yet a very tranquille one.


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