Monday, October 29, 2012

Mettalic Cap Toe Shoes

Color blocking and metallic cap toe heels have made a big statement on the fashion scene. From Louis Vuitton to H&M evey latest shoe line had them on their display.
 I was looking for some thing to sport on eid and checked some online shops. Let me tell you something about myself..some 3 years ago I was the sort of girl who bought a new pair of heels nearly every month. All my pocket money went into the latest shoe on the rack..but then 3 years and some messed up hormones later I have to look at the comfort of the shoe first and then the style
. Did you notice that all comfortable shoes are ugly? Take a look at these granny shoes I ordered to stay comfortable walking in the chilly weather.

To upgrade them I did the tape n paint trick. It was a 30 min job. A hair dryer and three coats of paint was what was needed to give these boring fellows a face lift.

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