Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Blue Pyramids of Giza

I apologize for the grandiose title..I am in a high aesthetic mood. So unlikely of me :p

Ok so this is another one from pinterest...I saw it and I knew I was going to try. So one Grey morning I woke up and found my self in the right mood to do some potato stamping! I already had a canvas laying around and some acrylic paints too.

  • I could have done a better job with it but I was not looking for perfection..just having some fun with paint on my hands..I will look up the original link but heres what i did..

  • I mixed black and blue and did a base coat with a clean rag. I did it as unevenly as possible to add variation of black and blue. I did not wait for it to tod was about to wake up!!

  • I cut a potato into half and then made a triangle stamp from one side, using a sharp knife. That done, I plopped some white paint onto a paper plate and a drop of black too. 

  • Then using white as the basic color to stamp I continued making rows of triangles. Alternatively, I used a little of the base paint and black too..not worrying about the shade..I wanted it to be uneven.

A quick 15 Min project to do on slow paced days.

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