Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Spiral Road Cake

I almost wrote ' Spiral Road Cake: Fail' in the title bar, but then I thought of the hours I spent searching for the right way, the right icing, the right recipes and the right time to do it before the big day. I'd be nice to myself!

 I was doing a general car and truck themed party I didnt want to stick with a specific Mc Queen or Bob the Builder theme because in my opinion it is far more expensive and difficult to stick to a particular charecter and to meet the standard a well known charecter demands for. To make a car shaped cake was what I did not want to do at all..I knew I would end up with a floppy car melting upon I approached the path I never make a carved cake. I was opptimistic, later slightly dissappointed too:(

I thought I would be able to come up with a detailed tutorial but honestly I was nearly about to cry when Things started getting off- I could manage just these pictures!
I used two 26cm cakes for the base, two 20cm cakes for the next tier and two 18cm cakes for the top layer.
Because I had to serve a large number of people I made sure I wasted as little cake in the carving process as I could. 
I filled the cakes with chocolate pudding, layered them and marked my road track path with toothpicks. i cut along was not easy and made no sence at first. There was a mini heart attack!
In a quick frenzy to finish off what I just started..I coloured a small batch of my first ever Swiss Meringue Buttercream and iced it on with a large cake icer tip. Smoothed it out and took a deeep breath..I am not a cake decorator and this became known to me just then!
With this cake I had so many 'firsts' going on 
1st carved cake
1 st layered cake
1st time with Wilton Icing tips
1st time with SMBc

The frosting is all SMBc...I did mess up with the black's my mistake. I was running short on time so I scooped some leftover pudding sitting on the counter into the butter cream to add the dark chocolate base before adding black DO NOT DO THAT. Just in case. The cars are real, except for the biscuits which my friend brought as a gift. I fixed them onto the cake too. Road signs are card paper.

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