Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Birthday Number Wall Hanging

I saw this brilliant idea on a blog where someone made a pinnata from scrap cardboard and crepe paper. Since the pinnata is not a part of our birthday celeberations I used the idea to make a large centeral decoration for my son's car/truck themed party. I used what I had and it turned out pretty nice.

I used a large box and cut it with a paper cutter into the shape of Number 2.

For the crepe paper..I cut wide stripes off from the roll and then snipped it on both sides..see the picture. Unfold it and you get a long wide fringed stripe.

Fold it into half lengthwise, so that you have one folded side and one fringed side.

I used a paint brush to glue areas on the cardboard and then added my crepe paper stripes on it. Alternating colours as I went.

To bring it into the party's theme I added a truck printed on paper on one side:) me if you buy a party decoration that size from the can be really expensive and not worth it when you just need it for a few hours! Either spend that money or spend some time and if your'e like me enjoy creating something yourself !

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