Monday, January 21, 2013

Car and Truck Themed Party Ideas

Just a little sum up of what we did for our son's 2nd Birthday (Warning: Long Post)

Napkin Rings for Plastic Cutlery

I used crepe paper stripes...wrapped around bright tissue paper napkins. I stapled the strip into a ring and then added washi tape on top. It was a quick little way to follow the theme.

I made approx. 40 of those and then packed them into a box for transportation to the party hall later

Cars and Trucks Decoration

I printed these images and then cut them out individually. I taped them onto a long gift wrap ribbon. Using a roll on double sided tape made things a lot easier!
Sorry about the lack of Pictures.. One I was tooooo busy serving the food to take pictures and two I do not want to put up pictures with my friends in them due to privacy concerns.

DIY Car Shaped Buntings

I made six of these cute little buntings for the backdrop.. what you see in the pictures is not the originally set up backdrop. Just before the cake cutting my little fire ball pulled the whole thing down..tearing the sheet of paper I had used to make the background!! I wanted to yell !! But I kept my cool and quickly pulled off a table cover to fix the biggest party blooper ever!! Please notice the three buntings on the right..

Fuel for Kids Drink Labels
Just printed the images and glued them onto bottles of orange and apple juice.

DIY Party Snack Boxes
I printed out a free template.. they were time consuming but worth it. I used a scorer for the sides..without that it would have not been possible..I could not handle them with tape so I used staples to hold them together firmly. To serve the chips I used squares of Butter paper to line them..otherwisw they would have become stained with oil..there are some spots but that was after thez were served to guests.

 To add the theme I used washi tape with cars and trucks on it.

Cake Banner
 Just take two bamboo skewers and add a little washi tape between them to make a banner. I also added a bunting cutout I had from scrapbook paper. Adds height and interest to the cake!

Car Birthday Food Labels

I found these free printables online.(Anders Ruff Custom Designs)  I printed them onto photo paper and made food labels instead.

DIY Polymer Clay Car Ornaments
I had made polymer clay some time back and had it wrapped up in clingfilm laying around..I tried to make use of it. The inspiration came from Christmas decorations I saw..I made them into hanging ornaments using elastic thread and added them to the pot of make it a little less ugly when sitting on the table.
Customized Party Hats

Here|s a frugal idea,cant find the right party hats like me *please don't get me started on the lack of good party supplies in german supermarkets* just use what you have and paint them! I asked my husband to get the party hats and he brought the most ugly ones!! saying that since he was not sure on the color he got some multi coloured ones! Blah..but they were super cheap..under a euro for 6 hats..I spray painted them into a plain red..
For the birthday boy..I used the car prints from the food labels and a little crepe paper to decorate.
DIY Birthday Banner
You can easily get the colors of your choice into the party banner with this simple bunting style paper banner...It was another freebie printable I grabbed online. I love all the good people sharing stuff for free!

Party Goodie Bags

Oh the hard work that went into them, and I forgot to take any pictures! Thank God I forgot just the pictures and not giving the bags away..that party was just inches away from being a crazy wedding! I had one which I forgot to give away to a guest who left early.
Car Photo Booth
I made a cardboard photo frame shaped like a windscreen for family pictures. It was a hit and everyone enjoyed giving a shot!

Road Signs
 I made these cute road signs as table center pieces. Using a baby food jar as a holder I put some Styrofoam in them and and stuck the sticks with signs on them.

Table Runner (Roads)

I made these roads to go under my table Center pieces..(We had several tables for ladies and for gents seperately arranged) These are just plain black Card paper cut into wide stripes. I used masking tape to make the road markings.

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