Saturday, January 26, 2013

Chappatti Breakfast Burritos

If you have a desi husband (Pakistan/India ) he would like some paratha, naan, bhatura for his hearty breakfast..lathered in butter ghee preferably..but if you are a wife like me, sleepy and grumpy in the morning if the poor man asks for something other than toast you would love to make these frozen chappati breakfasts!

My husband has recently demanded requested for a chappati and curry breakfast, coz he says thats what he used to have as a child. He has been away from home since college and all of a sudden I have to deal with his nostalgia.

  • I made about 20 chappattis, on two pans at a time to speed it up.
  • I made 3 different wraps with egg whites for a start up.
  • Made some keema, in a little olive oil with just a hint of spices, used some leftover Chickpea curry and in another pan made his favorite tuna and peppers with oregano.

  • Seperately, I whisked some egg whites with a dash of milk,and seasoned them. He has been told to avoid yolks for cholestrol reasons.

  • With everything ready, I spread sheets of kitchen paper over the counter, one chappatti on each and then the filling.

  • Wrapped them into burritos, with the kitchen paper. This helps because once reheated the paper will keep the bread moist.

  • Put them into breakfast bags, labeled them with instructions to heat in the microwave for 1-2 mins and dropped them into the freezer!

There, life made easier in one go.

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