Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Boogie-Wipe Sleeve

I know its an icky topic, but it needs a post!

My son has been going through a very bad viral flu. Its getting better but during the past whole week I was on stand-alert with a tissue paper in my hand to wipe off the antimatter as soon as possible...but a lot of times the nose was swiped with the sleeve before I could rush to the scene.

I had to change his pullovers thrice in an hour! Finally I thought of a way out..

I pulled out some of his clothes that were packed for donation and cut off the sleeves .

Made him wear these, and the situation came under controll. He is too young to understand that he needs to blow his nose and not wipe it off with his sleeve, although I did tell him everytime not to do that but he couldn't help:)

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