Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How I used my Crepe Paper

So I happened to be at our local groccery store in October and they had rolls of crepe paper for sale in their Halloween decorations. I was not keen on buying the bright oranges and yellows so I picked up the pastel coloured ones. Now that I had bought them I didnt have a clue how was I going to use them..I mean I was in no mood of making a tedious pomander or any intricate paper crafting.. These are some of the ways I made use of it:

To decorate a bucket for Party cutlery and  to make napkin rings with strips of crepe paper

                                                       To make favor cones

                                                    To decorate a Large Number cut-out

                                                      For customized Party hat

                                                                  For wrapping presents

                                                 For making Party bunntings!

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