Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Favorite Pyjama Upcycled !

Here I am again not wanting to throw away my little man's out grown pyjamas! He LOVES them!
We did the same thing to our favorite cookie monster shirt..which you can find HERE..and till now its our favorite bag to carry whenever we leave the home!

I have bins from Ikea for toys but I made this to kind of motivate him to put his cars in one box and not in his boots, inside pillow cases, under the sofa cushions or the carpet !

Its not the neatest i could do...infact I did it 'while' I was tidying the toys up..that kinda quick whip project.

A box, a pyjama and hot glue are all you need.
I even used the elasticated waist band to make the handles on both sides!

Call me frugal..I'll take that as a compliment !

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