Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dressing Up a Table

I enjoy cloth napkins , place covers. sparkling cutlery etc but in the Hula Hula of our busy lives  we only get to enjoy the 'proper' dinning etiquette at fine restaurants or in a Home-Economics course! Otherwise, if I tell you the our home bringing the steaming pot itself to the table and soiling as less dishes as possible is considered pretty OK.
However, I do like to set up the table for guests. I keep on playing around with things.
Normalerweise, our guests are families with small you have to keep it practicle.

You can find how I did my chairs HERE.
Got the red place mats for a Euro each in Christmas sales!
The plates were also mix n match pieces from another sale!!
The tablecloth is a finely made cross stitch that I found in the neighbourhood too!
Napkins are plain old paper ones, folded nicely.

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