Monday, February 18, 2013

Kare Design Knock off Clock

We had been living time-lessley in our living room for almost 6 son whacked my dear grandfather clock on the floor and managed to wrangle its arms..laziness or maybe choosiness prevented me to replace it..until I saw this at our local Kare outlet.

€89.95 for a set of wall clocks...I said to my husband, I like them, can I have them *insert sad puss in boots eyes* and he was so nice to say ...'uhh if you like them'. I was just KIDDING..I had other plans ! I know he has no love for the distressed/rusty look but still for him to say that was far too kind. This is my Version:

I got this big flan dish for a mere € 3.50 in sale from Depot. I used it to serve meetballs on my son's birthday..but I did a lil cheating there..this dish was not meant to serve was a decorative item..but for that price and that size..I had to.

This wall clock, Ikea Rusch is just €1.99. It had been in my kitchen since forever. I painted it with some silver craft paint.

So I got the inspiration from Kare but the motivation to go for it from Kammy at Kammy's Korner.

I wanted to keep mine really simple..and not like the original one..because thats not really our style.

I went for less is more, added some silver tape ( on hand ) in to stripes..and to give the edges an outline I used some black tape snipped into triangles.

To attach the clock I asked my Handy man to drill a hole in the flan. I made another hole in the plastic clock and used wire to attach it to the metal dish.

I love the size, perfect for the living room!

For a total cost under €6, and that too with everything already on hand I can't complain !

Bottom line... Time is Money!

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