Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Updating a Jewellery Vanity

This baby hutch had been bothering me for quite sometime now. It was a gift and actually did serve its purpose for storing all the gold I had after getting married...but now after 3 years I decided to give it a new face.

After stepping into blogland..the one thing I totally love is the furniture updating projects that so many talented ladies out there handle on their own..I greatly lack skills to paint and finish off a piece of furniture. I just hope someday I can come over the alienness of painting a simple chair.
I thnk the problem is..I don't have enough knowledge about the correct materials needed for a paint job, ánd I am impatient too. Like this Vitrine, I tried painting the insides in a watered down blue..and the patience ran out..i did not finish it with any sealer..and it has started to chip. FAIL
Coming back to the jewellery vanity..
I was too lazy to sand it..or prime it !!
I just spray painted it with white. 4 thin coats and a coat of sealer.
I tapped the glass with white painter's tape.
Finished it off by painting the drawer knobs with a dull gold paint marker.
I learned that the paint marker wont work on the Latex paint for the stripe I added on the bottom drawers, so I used a textured acrylic paint instead.
Gold and white--a little bit like the 70's ! But, did'nt I say 'UPdating' ? Oh, well I have noticed a lot of seventies furniture making a come back!

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