Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Through My Door

Dear nice weather wo bist du ? Brrrrr its still cold and windy here in Munich. The easter break was wet and snowy! Much time to sit inside and make a crepe paper floral wreath.

The last time I made a wreath, I used coffee filters. You can find the tutorial HERE.
Its been hanging on my appartement's door since then. Time to freshen up!

I had some mint green crepe paper on hand and on a quick trip to the basement I found this rectangular styro packing material. I have been desperately wanting to make a door piece ( is that a thing? ) using a wooden frame and a monogram may be...but for the moment I just started off with this rather unplanned Project.

For the petals I accordian folded the crepe paper and then cut out "B" shapes from the folded crepe paper. This gave me a four edged petal. I must say all of my petals were not the same size or shape..I underestimated the concentration this petal making requires!

Once the petals are done close down the open petals by folding them or scrunching them up a bit. Use hot glue to attach the petals to the styrofoam, taking care not to burn your fingers! i used the back of a pencil to push the paper down.

As my petals were not all the same corner of the wreath seemed to be 'fuller' then the rest so I added a paper flower I had made earlier to balance it out.

My new welcome wreath for the main door.  This way please :)

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