Monday, April 29, 2013

Motivation for Creation: Toddler Crafts

Long afternoons spent at the play ground are going to be the modus operandi for the following months. Temperatures are good but the April showers keep us staying indoors and getting naughtier !

I bought some new art supplies for my son, the existing crayons had broken into a million pieces.
He likes putting them in a case and not letting anyone touch them but his attention span is too small to let him sit and actually make something with them. Keeping that in mind I make him do one tiny project every other day to keep him motivated. Little man loves being praised and when daddy comes home he likes to show off what he made.

His favorite poem is the itsy bitsy spider these days so we made a spider. With green legs made with straw.

Another day we made a crab..using a paper plate, drinking straw and water colors.

An octopus, made from a toilet paper roll.

Introducing Play Dough : Although the box said Ages 3+ but I still bought it for my son who is 2 years and 4mnths. I made sure I didn't leave him unattended.

It was a funny first time with Play dough..I made a ball and he threw it on the floor..just like any other ball..he wanted to mix two Colors together...and too much stopping and telling wasn't fun. I guess the manufacturers knew this! Lets see how long it takes before the beautiful Colors turn into a Brown mass of Play dough.

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