Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ramadan: Freezer Cooking (Part 1)

I mentioned in my last post that Ramadan provides the perfect oppurtunity to fast and cleanse the Body. Thats what we really are supposed to do BUT customarily muslims all around the world take Ramadan as a fest and celeberate it by breaking the fast with large crowds of People, friends and Family that we don't meet and share a meal with so often throughout the year. Therefore, FOOD is an essential part of the Iftar gatherings. I do admit that in our culture we oftentimes submit to the sin of gluttony at Iftar which is totally against the Spirit of Ramadan.
  Please do not take this post as a central Agenda of Ramadan. It is only an example of how things can be planned beforehand so that during the month itself one gets all the time to concentrate on praying and not worrying about Food and guests all the time.
This year around I tried the Easy Freezy Way. I am lucky to own a  large upright freezer.
Why not make use of it.
Here's what I have stocked up in prep for Ramadan, which is only 1 week away!!
Today I spent a few hours in the kitchen making the 'BASICs'
These are the time consuming things that if you already have ready to be pulled out of the freezer..you don't have to worry about last Minute Company or a busy day with the toddler!
Here are a few suggestions to have in mind before you find yourself Setting your Alarm for the first Sehri !
  • Stock up on as much meat as your freezer space allows. Wash, Clean and Freeze. (Since we buy halal meat, we have to Skin and cut the chickens ourselves! )
  • Depending on Family preferences, decide what are you going to offer for aftar. Is it going to be 4 different Snacks or just one solid meal? whatever you decide think how can you prepare stuff in advance.
Eva Image

 For instance if you make shami Kebab it serves as
a burger patty
as a Snack
as a side dish
or make a Paratha Roll with it!
If you choose to have dinner as usual with a Curry and chappatti:
Make the 'Basic masala' and freeze into smaller portions.
Here's how:
Throw onions in to a chopper. Blitzz
Fry the onions in a lil olive oil..then add tomatoes. I used a pressure cooker to soften it all up. Stir on high heat to reduce. I added just a Little bit of spices..so that I can adjust later.
Bring to R.T and Freeze in portions.
  • Prepare the chicken for an instant pulao in case you have Company. Just fry the chicken in some oil with ginger garlic. Add a cininmon stick, a black cardamom and cloves. Put it in a zippy and you'll only Need to add Rice and fix the spices when needed. OR just put a Portion of your already prepared masala in it.

  • I also cooked some minced chicken and freezed it.
This can be used as a filling for
or just have it with naan!
  • Emergency Pull out Dinner
  • Have atleast one small Portion of a fully prepared meal for last Minute plans. I made sesame chicken.
    You never know...who shows up to have a pakora or two you gotta hav sumthin'
  • Prepare the Base for Corriander and Mint chutneĆ½.
  •  Chutney!! After ketchup this is the one Thing that gets consumed so much during Ramadan.
    Add yougurt to your premade Chutney base and serve it with anything!! I even love it on my fruit Chat!
  • Fruit Chat / Fruit Salad
I have made this a rule to have fruit Chat atleast 4 times a week if not everyday! thats the only way I can eat all the fruit that I never have otherwise. Healthy!! (This really does not belong in the freezer cooking post but anyyyyway!)
  • Chopped Herbs
  • Mint and Corriander are the compulsory Dressings of most of our dishes. We dont get them easily here in munich. Sow henever we do get them I always freeze them ! Avoid that chopping board as much as you can during Ramadan!!
  • Plan a couple of Desserts too
Desserts often are the most time consuming. Have a rough idea of what could be made for a Party.
I made the most ridiculously easy Thing to do. Sugar Syrup! But hey think of it when you have your guests coming you've got more stuff to worry about. So there'S one less pot to wash on the actual day.
 I cooked a thick 'sheera' and freezed it.
 I plan to use it for Jalebi or ghulab jamun.
     I plan to do another post on some more items that can be stashed into the freezer not just for Ramadan but otherwise too. How have you prepared ?

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