Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ramadan: Ideas and Tips

Ramadan Mubarak to Muslims all around the globe. I hope this month brings countless blessings for us. I had written this post earlier but yould really not find the time to post it. Our Ramadan is Alhumdulliah going well so far.
I thought about sharing some ideas that might help you while you prepare for Ramadan. I am not here to give out religious advice on how to spend your Ramadan. I pray that everyone who can fast and can not fast be equally guided by Allah. I am here to share some very simply tips that I have found useful.
Make Life Easier
I do not boast of a squeaky clean house, infact sometimes an unexpected door bell sends waves of horror down my spine when I look around to see a dining table heaped with toys..oh the relief to find out that its just the postman! BUT I do like to try making life easier in the kitchen. Before Ramadan started I decided to rearrange my tiny pantry shelf to make it more practical keeping Ramadan in mind.
 PS. The postman sometimes brings treats too :p
A box of Luxurious Pecan Filled Bateel Dates Sent from my Brother
I generally don't like Dry Dates..but These are just heavenly.
You can find out more about these 'designer dates' shall I say, in the online catalogue.

  Coming back:
I got my self some plastic containers for ingredients that I know would be consumed more often then usual. Labeled them with chalk paint stickers.
Tang, White Sugar, Boondi, Almonds, Brown Sugar, Sultaniens, Besan, Cereal
Stackable boxes for pulses extra spices and other dry ingredients. They save so much space!
Make Waddu Easier
I was wondering whether to share this or not because it might seem stupid to share that my bathroom sink's faucet was a bit clogged..I do use an old toothbrush to clean the mesh but the stream of water was very strained..you know what I mean? Offcourse you wouldn't if your taps are perfectly in order!
Anyways! I did the old trick I learned from Aggie from bbc's 'How Clean is Your Home'
Pour some vinegar and lemon juice in a plastic bag and tie it around your faucet or shower head with a rubber band. The head should be completely immersed in the liquid. Go out to the shops or write a blog or stalk people on facebook! Just leave it for a couple of hours. After that..its magic..a clean spring of fresh bubbly water! I cleaned it with the intention of making waddu easier and cleaner:)
Make Dahi Bharay Instantly
If you make Baray from Urid and yellow lentils..I have tried and tested that they freeze super good. Fry and Freeze the bharay in portions. To defrost soak them in hot water from the kettle. Let them soak for 15 mins and then press between palms to use as you would normally do.
If you don't make bharay from daal..like I don't always make them that way..I use besan..and haven't tried freezing them. .what you can do to make life easy is to make imly chutney before hand and freeze it in large cubes. When needed just take it out of the freezer and let it thaw..ready to use!

Boil n Shred Chicken
Before Ramadan started I boiled 3 large chickens in a pot with some salt, pepper corns, and onion. I shredded the chicken and freezed it in small portions. This can be used to add to
potato-chicken bread pakoras,
Chinese rice,
spring rolls etc.
The Stock can also be frozen..for pulao or soup. Double benefits
 I did not make spring rolls in advance because I wanted to avoid them as they need frying. I'm also doing a pakora free Ramadan!
Chop and Freeze Carrots and Peppers
I like bell peppers and they can be used in soooo many ways..In sweet n sour, in noodles, with potato curry, finely chopped one can be used for potato cutlets, chicken meatballs...and so on.
I made a packet of finely chopper chopped ( is that a right way to say) carrot and shimly for quick fillers.


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