Saturday, May 24, 2014

Quick Pencil Cake For Kindergarten

My son started his kindergarten last week!! His teacher had a small welcome present and a balloon for him ! She won his heart right there and then.

I had really not planned anything but I thought sending a cake for the class would be a nice start off gesture. Germans love kuchen!

I baked a plain chocolate cake and did a quick 10 minute decor. The most hassle free cake decoration ever for a kindergarten kid.
Color pencils! 

To wrap them around the cake without them leaning and falling apart I took a long strip of tape and placed it on the table sticky side up. 

I arranged the pencils on it and then just lifted the strip up and wrapped it around the cake. To secure it further I added a ribbon too.

I had left over frosting from a cake I made for a friend the day before...Instant job done.

I just wish I had more pencils to go around the entire cake but like I was not planned.

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