Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter Bunny Swiss Roll

Being Muslims we have no concept of Easter celebrations. 
We do love buying easter chcoloate bunnies and Choco Eggs though! Since, we live here in Germany and our son is growing up in this community we do let him participate ( without relegious interference)  in his play group activities so that he does not feel singled out.

Easte Egg Hunt in the Forest

This week the kindergarten had an Oster Eltern Cafe and i had to take something to add to the easter table. I baked a chocolate swiss roll, with whipped cream filling and philladelphia cream cheese frosting.

The bunny had a slight migraine in its right eye:p

The ears are paper with toothpicks taped at the back.
For the the whiskers I used a toothpick and black gel color.

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