Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Football Themed Party

I know its August and I am about to share a party that took place in December 2015. The thing with party trends and for that matter any thing 'trending' these days is that its all a short lived affair. Who would have thought just 20 years ago that our living spaces, crockery, phones, apps and bucket lists could change at such  rapid pace.

I hope my son's 5th birthday party pictures are still a little in the trending zone. Mama was not blogging all this time!

Selecting a theme is second on my list. I first scan and see whats available and then I try to match that to my son's interests. So far this approach has worked well with me. He goes to football training once a week but if I had asked him what he wanted for his birthday he would have said Chuggington, Minions, or Ninjago. Fair enough he should be allowed to choose..but giving him and using mama skills to convince him on something that I would find convenient is a skill I own. *10 points to me*

I wanted it to look modern and appealing by playing with black, white, and green with gold accents (my go to colours at the time and still )

 Referee's  Whistles instead of Party Horns

 Mini Trophies for the champions

 Good old timer hand games, No tabs or apps needed ;)

Goodie Bags ordered off eBay, styled by using clothespins which I painted and added gold glitter for the oomph. I cut out the circles from a single sheet of printed card paper. 
 Ikea placemats if you didn't guess already! 

P.S I have a thing against printed party plates and cups. I just steer clear of them.

Football/Soccer Shirt Cookies- These cookies were such a hit with the kids. I mean children always like things with their names written on them. Especially 5 year olds who can actually read and write only their own names!

I free handed on that 'Goal' banner..since I don't own a fancy circuit machine. Painted it gold and then added a layer of glitter glue. Isn't it pretty!

 Here is the tallest cake on my scoreboard. It was not as easy as it seemed it would be. I don't make fondant cakes too often so after watching many youtube tutorials this was made. I used a wilton ball mould for the Football Cake. For the middle I used the Wilton Easy Layer Pans. I had to divide the baking, cooling and icing 2 days ahead of time. For the grass I used a Fondant Extruder.

 We had Mini Sausage buns, Fries, Chicken Balls and popcorn on the menu.
Finger Football for the elder siblings invited. and Musical Chairs for the little ones. During the party we had out German neighbour knocking at he door for turning the music off. Ahhh there is always a party spoiler !

 Our apartment is not too big but still we accommodated more than 20 children. I made a small photo backdrop in the foyer/ entrance to snap photos as soon as a guest child entered. I used astro turf and white masking tape to mimic a football field.

 A cheer leader pom pom made out of bin bags! 

 After party clean up!

I did ask him what he wanted for the cake that he had to take for his kindergarten and he said Jake the neverland pirate.

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