Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bird Cage Cushion

The birds I painted on my newly done Sofa Chair reminded me of Hillary Duff's song lyrics..'I'm just a bird that's already flown away' Flown out of the cage..which I had stumbled upon on the Graphic Fairy blog. I looked up for the pretty cage image and saved it.
I used a sheet of this fabric adhesive paper..I'll have to find its real name..because it was on a roll in the fabric shop and I just pointed at it and the old lady could tell from my face that I didn't know the german word for it!

  • I followed some tutorials from different sources. The idea was to tape/stick the iron-on thingy onto a normal printing paper and GUIDE it into the printer to be printed.
  • The print should appear on the iron-on surface. It should be a mirror image (if its necessary) 
  • Separate the two papers and then place the printed sheet face down on the fabric.
  • Use medium-high heat setting on the iron (No steam) and press gently.
  • Lift the sheet and you'll have the print on your fabric!
I used an old sheet to make this cushion cover for the birds who had already flown away :)

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