Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sofa Chair

This is one of the two very practical and comfortable chairs that we have in our living room. I have tried to re-cover one of them with this lovely floral print. I'll try posting the before picture too. It was a dull beige which had gathered quite a bit of a stainy tan.

I did not intend on having a blog when I was doing this..I just took the pictures for myself. It was my first ever attempt to deal with a sofa chair!

1. Fingers crossed..invest in some fabric.I don't like spending too much on renovating but this one was on 20% and it looked something like Laura Ashley's patterns. It said 'Ashley Designs' on the selvage line..I'm sure that's not the real Laura Ashley.

2. No sewing. I used adhesive spray to lay the pieces of fabric I had cut for the back, seat, arms and the rest as per the shape. It worked fine.

3. For the arm rest ends I made neat folds and hot glued them.

4. I used a pointy screw driver to push the fabric inside where the seat meets the arms and the back.
 After I was finished with the short cut reupholstering..for some reason I did not like the floral  pattern as much as I had liked it in the shop!!
 It kept on bothering me...and then to spruce it up a bit I added these birds!
 I'm so glad I learned how to make my own stencils using exact-o !


  1. Absolutely fabulous - you are genius!

  2. now who would ever think of doing a thing like that?! You obviously, haha, what a GREAT idea! Thanks so much for sharing it on the Korner!


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