Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chicken Sandwich Cake

One of the best things about impromptu get togethers is that you have to come up with instant light bulb ideas. This Monday afternoon we had a small meet up with my friends at my place for tea. I thought about the snacks that I could come up with and decided upon this Sandwich Cake. It was quick and yum with a bit of a unique edge to it.
You Need:
Sandwich Bread (uncut slices)
Chicken boiled and shredded
Capsicum, Cabbage, Carrots (or any other assortment..this was what I had)
Cheese (I uses Emmentaler)
Salt n Pepper
China Salt

I had 2 packs of Bread and I used 1 and a half..to add lenght to the cake so it would be enough for 8-9 people.
I chopped the veggies in a  hand held chopper.
Mix veggie+chicken+mayo+seasoning.

Start Layering.
Layer 1: Chicken Mixture
Layer 2: Ketchup
Layer 3:Chicken Mixture
Layer 4: Cheese
Top with low fat cream cheese. Garnish with hard boiled eggs and olives. Or Cucumber and ice-berg lettuce..its upto you! Chill it in the refrigerator for sometime before serving-

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